The following comes from a Jan. 4 story on the website of Orange County Catholic.

Construction crews recently put in place two centerpieces of Christ Cathedral – the Crux Gemmata and stone altar. 

Crafted in Omaha, Nebraska from blackened steel and transported to Orange County in four separate pieces, the Crux Gemmata weighs 1,000 pounds, rises 18 feet above the cathedral’s altar and hangs from the baldachin. The Crux Gemmata is a cross typical of early medieval art, affixed with gems and the corpus of Christ. 

The raising of the Crux Gemmata signals a symbolic milestone as Christ Cathedral transforms into a Catholic house of worship….

The stone altar was then put in place under the Crux Gemmata, which was gifted by the Jilot Family. The altar was gifted by the priests of the Diocese of Orange, who collectively donated nearly $900,000….

The historic project to renovate Christ Cathedral remains on schedule and on budget. The cathedral will be dedicated in July 2019.