A detransitioner who outlined her traumatic experience of ‘sex-swap’ surgery on Instagram has had restrictions placed on her account.

Chloe Cole revealed that Meta, the parent company of Instagram, had blocked her account “to non-followers” – a practice known as shadow-banning – because it claimed her profile breached “guidelines on violence.”

Cole’s Instagram biography, which she says gave rise to the ban, stated: “19 – female (XX) – former trans kid – started T & Blockers at 13, Double Mastectomy at 15 – detransed at 16.”

Cole told online news magazine The Post Millennial that Meta “is absolutely correct in stating that my bio describes something violent, that is – my own life experiences. However, I am doing quite the opposite of condoning what doctors did to me and instead using my experience to raise awareness and encourage others to be compassionate.”

In June, American cinema chain AMC Theatres cancelled showings of the film, No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care, after coming under pressure from trans activists.

Detransitioner Laura Becker, whose story features in the documentary, told Fox News that “suppressing viewpoints that basically are just unpopular or difficult to deal with” is “incredibly dangerous”.

She argued the filmmakers “are just trying to increase awareness about mental health issues and medical ethics”.

Becker warned that teenagers “are being fast-tracked on a conveyor belt-like system to getting surgery and hormones which create permanent damages instead of addressing their actual mental health concerns….”

From the Christian Institute