A Los Angeles fertility clinic has settled a lawsuit brought by multiple couples after an embryo mix-up. The clinic implanted one woman with two embryos from two different couples and another woman received a fourth couple’s embryo.

An Asian-American couple, identified only as “YZ” and “AP,” traveled from New York to California for fertility treatment with CHA Fertility Clinic. They paid $100,000 and had eight embryos (actual, living human beings) created. Two were implanted, and AP was told she was expecting twin girls. Ultrasounds indicated that AP was carrying boys, but doctors assured her those ultrasounds were wrong. Yet she eventually gave birth to two Caucasian boys.

An investigation found that an “unimaginable mishap” had taken place, causing embryos from two different couples to be implanted instead of the embryos belonging to AP and YZ.

The couple had to give the babies to their biological parents. One couple, Ashot and Anni Manukyan, told the New York Post they found out about the snafu when they were called to come in for a cheek swab. A few days later, they found out what happened. “I was about to faint,” Anni said. She also learned she had been mistakenly implanted with a fourth couple’s baby, though she had a miscarriage.

Initially, the fertility clinic refused to give the couple any information about their son until they got a lawyer, spawning a court battle over who would be allowed to keep the infants. AP had been caring for the babies for weeks, and wrote a letter begging to be able to keep them.

“I kiss his little feet every day. I give him a bath. I breast fed him,” she wrote. “We’re their true parents and we’re the ones who want to be with him. We love them, they’re ours and they’re twins, they shouldn’t be separated. They snuggle with each other, they sleep with each other every night. How could you separate them?”

….In an emotional court hearing, a judge ruled that the babies had to be returned to their biological parents. “They came in and they were crying, and I saw them crying and I started bawling. My husband was trying to hold me,” Anni said. “Even the security guard was crying….”

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