Interview with Cody, who is studying kinesiology, took place next to the Cerritos College Library on February 20, 2019.

Do you consider yourself religious?

Cody: Yeah. I believe in a God and that He has a lot to do with our world and what’s happened to us and what we’re planned to do in life. I believe that people can choose who they believe in, but, for me personally, I just believe that there is a higher power that is affecting all of us.

Do you see evidence for this higher power or is it pure faith?

Cody: You can look at any hospital, you can find miracles all over the world that science can’t even explain. Science has all these theories but they don’t know how to explain it with science. So how else can you explain it but God?

Does your faith shape your morals?

Cody:  I believe that you should do what you want to do. For me personally, I’m not hardcore like: whatever God says, you have to do it, whatever’s in the Bible, you have to do it. I believe whatever you want to do you should do, but for me, my moral compass does follow along the guidelines of God. I don’t believe that man should marry man. If man wants to marry man, go ahead. But for me personally, I would choose a man with a woman.

Do you consider yourself Christian?

Cody: I’m a Catholic. I’ve always been Catholic. And I feel like Catholics are more flexible than Christians. I don’t know if that’s right, but Catholics in my church – Holy Family in Artesia – are very flexible with everything. They’re accepting with same-sex marriage, they’re accepting of just pretty much anyone.

What would you say to the fact that so many popes have said that abortion is always wrong?

Cody: Oh, man. In my church, in my youth ministry, they always talk about that and obviously they say you shouldn’t do it. Again, my personal standpoint is: if you want to do it, go for it. That is ultimately your choice. That’s your life. If you choose to have an abortion, go ahead. But for me, if abortion was an option, I wouldn’t do it.

You say it’s her life, but what would you say to the argument that, if a woman is pregnant, there are two lives involved?

Cody: Okay – I would say – hmm – it’s – that’s a hard question. I would say, yes, there are two lives involved. I guess some people perceive it as, oh it’s not born yet. But I say it’s two lives because that’s a life that you’re taking away that had so much potential in the future or so much affect. Yeah, that’s a hard question.

You say that everyone should do what they want. Do you apply that same principle to things like drunk driving or killing a two-year-old?

Cody: Man. Yeah, I will. I mean obviously those are really bad but in those types of cases that’s all your moral compass. Yes, it’s your decision, although it’s something that was maybe not made in the best, the clearest of minds.

Should all these things be legal?

Cody: No. I don’t think those types of decisions should be legal. But for abortion and all that, yeah, I believe it should be legal to get an abortion if you want.

Why should it be illegal for a woman to kill a two-year-old, but legal for her to kill the same baby before it’s born?

Cody: I think it’s because, as I said before, like with the whole it’s not alive or had its first breath yet, the two-year-old had its first breath. It’s living. It’s two years of still learning, developing it’s brain. With the abortion, for some people it’s not alive, but – hmm – man – it’s just a really hard topic.

What do you believe about the afterlife?

Cody: I believe there is a heaven and there is a hell, and although you do make bad choices in life, you can repent of your sins and just ask for forgiveness from God.

A California Catholic Daily exclusive by Mary Rose.