The following was sent to Cal Catholic on Oct. 1 by Mary Moran in San Diego.


As the General Election nears, we have many choices to make and some are particularly difficult, especially for voters who hold to core pro-life and pro-family principles. You may have read just days ago that several national pro-family organizations are asking conservative voters not to support Republicans in three key races across the country (see the national  letter here). One of them is San Diego’s 52nd Congressional District.

A growing core of San Diego area Republicans and Independents are in agreement and, in fact, are asking conservatives to cast a strategic vote for Scott Peters. I am one of them.

Please click here  [or see excerpts below] and read an important letter to voters in the 52nd Congressional District. If you agree, and I hope you do, share this with others and consider signing the letter yourself.

PS: Here are the communities in the 52nd Congressional District. Please share this email with those that you know who live here.

Downtown San Diego
Little Italy
Pt. Loma
Ocean Beach
Mission Beach
Pacific Beach
La Jolla
UTC-University City
Bay Park
Bay Ho
Kearny Mesa
San Carlos
Mira Mesa
Scripps Ranch
Sorrento Valley
Carmel Valley
Rancho Penasquitos
Rancho Bernardo
Black Mountain Ranch
San Pasqual


Excerpts from the San Diego letter mentioned above:

We know we have a clear choice in voting between the candidates when one of the candidates stands in opposition on issues relevant to the Christian community: life, marriage, religious freedom… Obviously we vote for the candidate who is in-line with biblically based values.

But how should we vote when both candidates share virtually the same views, and stand in opposition to those values?

….An example of such an election is the 52nd Congressional District in San Diego CA. Two candidates are running: Incumbent Democrat Scott Peters, and Republican Carl DeMaio.   Both candidates are pro-abortion and pro-same sex marriage. Both candidates are liberal and “progressive”. Yet one of these candidates will do far more damage to the moral fabric of our society than the other.

That candidate: the Republican candidate, Carl DeMaio.

Why is Carl DeMaio so damaging as a potential Congressman?

Here are a few reasons:

DeMaio is an avowed LGBTQ activist (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning).

The LGBTQ movement believes in a genderless society, where God’s order of male and female is denied. Their goal is much greater than that. It is to impose their views upon us, with the intent of abolishing our rights to freedom of religious conscience, coercing us to affirm homosexual practice and to forever alter the historic, natural definition of marriage….

DeMaio has made it very clear that if he were elected, he would cater to the LGBTQ activists. Here is a newspaper interview comment from Carl DeMaio: “When I’m elected mayor, I will be one of the highest ranking LGBT officials in the nation. And the highest ranking Republican LGBT official. While my focus will be on fiscal and economic reform in San Diego, I also recognize the opportunity and obligation to serve as a role model for the LGBT community. We are currently evaluating several organizations and efforts to define the best way for me to serve as a role model.” Gay San Diego, Sept 7, 2012

Carl DeMaio is young, with a charismatic personality. If Carl DeMaio were elected to Congress, those within the GOP who desire to destroy historic one-man, one-woman marriage, and those who desire to destroy life in the womb, would likely attempt to increase DeMaio’s influence and stature within the Republican Party – becoming the poster child for the emerging left wing of the GOP. And as an incumbent, he would be virtually impossible to defeat.

…If you want further proof of DeMaio’s desire to remake the Republican Party, go directly to the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, which is published by Johnathan Hale, DeMaio’s homosexual partner. In this article DeMaio makes his intentions clear.

Please understand that our concerns lie not with Mr. DeMaio’s personal issues with same-sex attraction, but with his activism geared towards changing core values that protect life, the family and religious freedom….