The following comes from a Sept. 5 email from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

News from the Trenches

Thanks to the many prayer warriors who came today, many of whom were from the Legion of Mary, we had two turnarounds at Family Planning Associates this morning. Please pray for S., who came with her husband and two children today.  She immediately noticed a Divine Mercy holy card one of the counselors had and told the counselor she too had one at her home.  The counselor then asked if she was Catholic and she said yes she was a devout Catholic, and she asked the counselor to please pray for her husband who is Jewish and for his conversion.

She told the counselor she was at FPA for an IUD birth control.  At some point her husband drove away and the counselor kept talking with her.  The counselor pointed out that their marriage will be blessed when they trust God with everything, including life.  She agreed but was very concerned because she was going back to school.  The counselor urged her to contact Culture of Life Family Services so that she could become more educated on Natural Family Planning.   She became uneasy understanding she was at an abortion mill and said she was going to call her husband.  He drove up within minutes and she got in the car and they left.  This couple is in need of many prayers, even though she is not pregnant.  They are at a very critical point in their marriage that could shut off life which in turn can ultimately hurt their marriage.   She asked for all of us to pray for her husband R. and for his conversion.

Please also pray for a woman who came with her friend, very abortion intent.  Both women were concerned with what the counselor told them about the medical history of the doctor.  The counselor overheard them talking in their car and made it clear to them that COLFS did not perform abortions.  They went into FPA but came out a short time later.  Another counselor overheard them say something about cardiac arrest and so it appears they may have been frightened away.  As they were getting ready to leave, the counselor told them she would pray for them.  Please pray that by God’s grace she will have a change of heart for her baby.