On March 18, 2017 Joseph Sciambra published a blog post titled “Young Adult Ministry at SF Parish Linked to Dissident Priests, Call To Action and Pro-Gay Advocates.” The following is excerpted.

  • According to a March 11, 2017 post to the Young Adults of Most Holy Redeemer (MHR) Facebook Timeline: “…let’s all take a moment tomorrow to thank Ish Ruiz for the great work he has done and will continue to do representing us in his testimony after each of the masses this weekend, but also in so many other ways, both at MHR and within the broader Church.”
  • Ish Ruiz is Religious Studies Instructor at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco. According to his profile at the dissident pro-gay and pro-women’s ordination group “Call To Action:”
  • Ish Ruiz is a doctoral student in the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and a Religious Studies instructor at a Catholic high school in San Francisco. Ruiz has offered workshops to high school faculty and staff on the care for LGBTQ+ students in Catholic schools and is a member of the Marianist LGBT Initiative Team, which published a resource, titled Addressing LGBT Issues with Youth: A Resource for Educators. He is also a leading member of the Young Adults group at Most Holy Redeemer parish in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, which is known for its integration of LGBTQ+ Catholics into the life of the Church. Ruiz has made several contributions in the media and through his ministries regarding the protection of LGBTQ+ Church workers, the Catholic Church’s response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, and the contributions of LGBTQ+ teachers in Catholic schools.
  • In 2006, the Prefect for the Congregation for Bishops, Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re, wrote to then Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz concerning Call To Action, stating: “…to be a member of this association or to support it is irreconcilable with a coherent living of the Catholic faith.
  • Regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage, Ruiz said:
  • “The Church has always taught that the Holy Spirit speaks through the laity as well as the hierarchy. I hope the decision from the Supreme court, combined with polls that show that the majority of Catholics support same-sex marriage, encourages the hierarchy to be more in touch with the people, the sense of the faithful.”
  • He continued:
  • “Pope Francis encouraged bishops to allow themselves ‘to be surprised by God, the God of surprises.’ I pray the Church continues to engage with the sense of the faithful, especially those that are LGBTQ+, through dialogue. That door must always remain open.”

Anti-Catholic Religion at SF Schools

In addition to teaching religion at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, Mr. Ish Ruiz leads the MHR Young Adult Group. He’s not alone; other homosexual activists in religion departments are parishioners at San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer (MHR) parish. 

As CalCatholic previously reported, “three parishioners from Most Holy Redeemer, a parish where the celebration of homosexuality has been the central value for 30 years, have chaired departments of religion/theology at archdiocesan High Schools: Ted de Saulnier at Riordan, John Ottersberg at Notre Dame de Namur, and Ray O’ Connor at Convent/Stuart Hall. A fourth, Jim Everitt, is the Principal of Sacred Heart of Atherton. Ottersberg, O’ Connor, and Everitt have all served as lectors at Most Holy Redeemer. De Saulnier led one of the parish’s charitable ministries.” Now, thanks to Mr. Sciambra’s reporting, we can add Mr. Ruiz to the mix.

Both O’Connor and Ruiz have brought students from their schools to visit Most Holy Redeemer. Students from Mr. Everitt’s school were scheduled to perform the homosexualist propaganda play “Be Still and Know” at MHR in March of 2009. At that time, Everitt was principal of Sacred Heart of Atherton. He is now listed as the school’s Director, Mission Initiatives & Institutional Planning. Publicity, including articles in CalCatholic, caused San Francisco’s then-Archbishop George Niederauer to prevent the performance.

In 2014 and 2015 CalCatholic published a series of articles on the infiltration of Catholic schools’ departments of religion by homosexual activists. Examples are here:

‘Queer Bohemian’  chairs theology department at Woodside Priory School

Gay totalitarianism at Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco

LGBT activist leads retreat at Notre Dame de Namur

Gay activist returns to Notre Dame High School

Our Mother Who is Within Us

For Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, contact Br. Ronald Gallagher, Interim President, 1055 Ellis Street San Francisco, CA 94109, 415-775-6626. For the archdiocese of San Francisco, contact Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone; One Peter Yorke Way, San Francisco CA 94109, 415-614-5500.

Most important is to contact the principal of your local Catholic elementary schools. Almost all enrollment to Catholic high schools come from Catholic elementary “feeder” schools. The elementary principals may be unaware of the catastrophic state of religious education in Archdiocesan high schools, and they are the persons with the greatest ability to effect change, by their willingness to steer students towards or away from prospective high schools.