The Lepanto Institute and Population Research Institute held a press conference at 11:00 EST Wednesday morning to reveal the results of a year-long investigation of Catholic Relief Services projects conducted in three African countries. After obtaining and analyzing official documents related to projects led by Catholic Relief Services funded by the federal government, Lepanto and Population Research Institute sent a team of researchers to project areas in Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho. In a highly detailed, 120-page report published with the press conference, Lepanto and Population Research Institute showed, in part, that Catholic Relief Services:

– Implemented a sex education program, with its own logo on the front cover, that promoted masturbation as a form of “safer sex.”
– Provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to an organization taking girls for abortions and lobbying for pro-abortion laws. This organization’s logo is a heavily pregnant woman with an “X” through the location of the preborn baby. Catholic Relief Services’ contributions to this organization between 2017 and 2021 may have violated the Mexico City Policy and Siljander amendment then in force.
– Led the implementation of government programs specifically designed for the spread of contraception.
– Knowingly introduced girls to contraception – providing organizations so they could receive sexual and reproductive health ‘services’ as integral aspects of these projects.
– Permitted at least one organization to promote and distribute condoms in schools under their charge.
“Catholic Relief Services has denied its involvement in the promotion of contraception and condoms for well over a decade, but this report proves otherwise,” said Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute. “In every project area our team visited, it was clear that they were far more interested in working with other NGOs to implement federally-funded contraception-spreading programs than with the local Church.”

The full report here