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A new analysis from the Pew Research Center shows that many Catholic priests are holding to Pope Francis’ advice to keep their homilies on the shorter side, especially compared to Protestant denominations.

An analysis of nearly 50,000 sermons, given across a variety of Christian denominations during the months of April and May this year, found that the median length of a sermon was 37 minutes, but for Catholic priests, the average length was just 14 minutes.

Pew found that historically black Protestant sermons had the longest median length of 54 minutes, while mainline Protestant sermons were an average of 25 minutes long, with evangelical churches falling in between at 39 minute per sermon.

The analysis was published on Dec. 16, and was titled “The Digital Pulpit: A Nationwide Analysis of Online Sermons.”

While the terms “homily” and “sermon” are often used interchangeably, they are actually different in nature. A “homily” refers to an explanation or further commentary of scripture during a Mass. A sermon is usually defined as a talk on a religious or moral subject, especially one given by a religious leader during a liturgy.

For the purposes of this study, Catholic homilies were counted as “sermons.”

The above comes from a Dec. 16 story on the website of the Catholic News Agency.

New in 2020
Starting in 2020, California Catholic will publish and transcribe 15-second excerpts from the best homilies in California Catholic churches. If you have suggestions for this feature or want to send videos of homilies, email to info@cal-catholic.com

Watch Father Illo homily from Nov. 24.