The following comes from a Jan 9. article from ChristianNewsWire:

A new, San Diego-based dating website for Catholics launched a series of videos this weekend that parody awkward dating situations familiar to Catholic singles, already garnering tens of thousands of views.

In one video, a dental hygienist brushes his teeth at the dinner table, dipping his toothbrush in his water glass. In another, a man launches into an internal monologue, saying he does not believe in choice: “free will is an illusion”.

The woman is left cringing— displaying a feeling that can be a reality for many singles looking for a compatible Catholic partner.

“Underneath the humor, I think these videos are resonating with single Catholics because they both validate their frustration with the dating experience and affirm them in their desire to hold to standards,” says Chuck Gallucci, owner and lead developer at Catholic Chemistry.

Nick Chamberlain of NCC Audio, who worked on final audio, said of the video series, “The theme here is, ‘No you’re not crazy, you’re just not doing dating right.'” 

The embeddable videos can be found on Facebook or on at: