The following is from Stanford College Republicans:

Next Wednesday, March 1st, we will host author, speaker, and documentary filmmaker Matt Walsh in Dinkelspiel Auditorium at 8 PM. Tickets for both students and community members can be accessed here. In his lecture, Walsh will be discussing the lies and fallacies underlying the transgender movement. On a campus where the leftist gender-bending ideology is the norm—embraced, or at least tacitly supported, by nearly all professors and administrators—it is more important than ever for students to engage with Matt Walsh’s contrarian ideas.

Matt Walsh came to prominence last year with his documentary What is a Woman? In the documentary, Walsh shows how the leftist consensus on gender—embraced at Stanford—is completely incoherent and disconnected with reality. Perhaps more importantly, the film highlights the tragic results of embracing the left’s lies. Mutilating and sterilizing children who are confused about their gender or place in the world is not compassionate. Indulging someone’s delusions does not make them happier—gender is not socially constructed. In his lecture next Wednesday, Walsh will explain how his positions are not motivated by ‘hate’ or ‘transphobia’ as some leftists want to claim, but instead by a deep desire to create a world where all people can flourish.

For the past five years, Stanford College Republicans, with the vital support of the Young America’s Foundation, have worked to make Stanford’s campus into a true marketplace of ideas. Even as leftist activists attempt to sabotage our events and mock our members, we remain dedicated to giving students the ability to hear and engage with conservative thought. We hope all students consider joining us next Wednesday for a meaningful discussion of gender, the family, and traditional values.

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