Thursday, Sept. 21
Joe Heschmeyer – Benedict XVI’s 5 Ways of Demonstrating the Existence of God

Dale Ahlquist – The Lost Art of Wonder

Friday, Sept. 22

Jimmy Akin – If God Exists, Why Do I Suffer?

Karlo Broussard – Why Doesn’t God Show His Face? Making Sense of Divine Hiddenness

Tim Staples – Seeing is Believing: How to Lead Souls to Belief in God

Francis Beckwith – Relativism, Morality, and the Existence of God

Saturday, Sept. 23

Dr. Scott Hahn – It is Right and Just; Why the Future of Civilization Depends on the Catholic Faith

Fr. Paul Check – Liturgy and Belief

Trent Horn – The New Case for God

Logan Gage – Beauty as a Path to God

Dinner Banquet with Keynote by Sr. Regina Marie Gorman and Music by Floriani

From Catholic Answers Conference