Statement on Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Update:

As you are aware, it was announced on June 30, 2017 that The Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale would not reopen for the 2017-2018 school year due to a significant decline in enrollment. It was the intent of the Diocese at the time of this announcement to maintain the operation of the Toddler and Pre-K programs at Catholic Academy.

Since the time of this announcement, enrollment in the Toddler and Pre-K programs has declined below the necessary number of students to operate. As such, effective July 15, 2017 the Toddler and Pre-K programs at Catholic Academy will suspend operations. This does not impact the summer program currently in operation for PreSchool and Pre-K students which will continue operations until August 11, 2017.

We thank all the employees, parents, students and friends who have been committed to this school for the past five years. We are proud of their contribution to Catholic education in the Diocese of San Jose.

From Diocese of San Jose website.

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