Contraception, birth control, sexual abuse, prostitution, adultery, fornication: stories having to do with human sexual behavior as it pertains to church teaching.

Fate of transgender treatment for minors in hands of state Senate committee
Senate Health Committee to consider bill establishing “LGBT Transgender Wellness Fund” to pay for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and mastectomies for minors

The fate of a bill to fund transgender treatments that permanently destroy the reproductive systems of minors is now in the hands of nine California State Senators.

AB 2218, authored by Assemblyman Miguel

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Former Orange diocese chancellor writes letter to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira
When did pole dancing and soft porn become part of Latino culture?

Editor’s Note: Though the Super Bowl took place more than a month ago, the FCC continues to receive complaints about the performances of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The commentary below, from the former chancellor of

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Birth control and the decline of civilization
A woman who takes the pill has little to no cost to sex, and can therefore “sell” it to men cheaply

In The Sociological Tradition, Robert Nisbet referred to the Industrial and French Revolutions as the two great ideas of the western world. No two events so dramatically altered civilization as significantly, their temporal overlap only intensifying

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If you look at dirty pictures, your friends will be notified
Covenant Eyes and others use artificial intelligence for purity

Evangelical groups are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help their members fight addiction to online pornography in a budding industry that one scholar calls an emerging “purity-industrial complex.” As pornography has exploded

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California expects barrage of child sex-abuse lawsuits
Potentially thousands preparing to sue under new law allowing victims more time to report allegations of abuse

A new law sponsored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) and takes effect Jan. 1, raises the statute of limitations to 40 years of age, or up to five years after discovery of sexual abuse. The

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Newsom says he’ll sign pro-prostitution bill
Law puts California at forefront of growing movement to decriminalize sex work

Advocates for sex workers’ rights celebrated a major victory Friday afternoon when California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his intent to sign legislation that would increase protections for people working in the commercial sex trade. Specifically, Senate Bill 233—first

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