Meet the 49ers Catholic chaplain, Father Steve Kim
Born in South Korea, his family immigrated to the San Francisco Bay area when he was 6

For the past eight years, Father Steve Kim has had a unique role among his fellow priests in the Diocese of San Jose, California, serving as Catholic chaplain for the San Francisco 49ers, who will take on the Kansas City

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What happened to young liberal priests?
85% of youngest group describes itself as ‘conservative/orthodox’ or ‘very conservative/orthodox’

The share of new U.S. Catholic priests identifying as theologically “progressive” has fallen so low that the phenomenon has “all but vanished,” according to a report published Tuesday. The 18-page report, issued Nov. 7 by The Catholic

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Local clerics stand out at sexual revolution debate in downtown L.A.
Vanity Fair suggests "handsome men dressed like priests "

Three priests walk into a hip enclave to discuss the sexual revolution … but rather than a punchline, what ensued was a striking reminder that, amid cultural revolutions, orthodoxy just might be the most subversive lifestyle of all.

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