Anti-Prop 8 measure may go further than expected
ACA 5 to open state to Oakland and Berkeley non-discrimination rules?

A pro-family California organization is warning that a proposed state constitutional amendment to eliminate the traditional definition of marriage from state law could potentially open up “Pandora’s box” to legitimize polyamorous, incestuous and child marriages. Assembly Constitutional

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Wall Street Journal writer questions paper’s happy gays
The California mansion of David, architect, and Peter, who works for Daughters of Charity

We all know what this month means: Pride. But Pride in what? Well, in pride. If you had successfully reversed several millennia of religious teaching that sodomy is a moral abomination in a mere 50 years, you’d be proud too….

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Pacific Palisades lifeguard forced to fly Pride flag
Jeffrey Little, evangelical Christian, files religious discrimination suit

A longtime Los Angeles County lifeguard stationed in Pacific Palisades near a stretch beloved by gay beachgoers is suing the county for requiring him to work feet away from a Pride flag last summer and punishing him for taking three

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