Researchers sound alarm over embryo selection at IVF clinics
Companies screen embryos according to their predicted educational attainment, household income and cognitive ability

A report published recently by researchers from USC, UCLA and elsewhere raises serious questions about the benefits, risks and ethics of a new service that allows in-vitro fertilization patients to select embryos with the goal of

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Safeguards used to pass assisted suicide in California set to be tossed
Forget about 15-day waiting, forget about annual reports

Assisted suicide is already legal in California through the so-called End of Life Option Act, narrowly passed by the California Legislature and signed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015. The bill received opposition from both Democrat and Republican Assembly members

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California senate bill would strip assisted suicide safeguards
Weakening of waiting period, loosening rules for prescriptions, forcing pro-life doctors to refer

As doctor-assisted suicide has been legal in California for only a few years, proponents say the law is working and now want to eliminate important “safeguards” and reduce the “trial-period” they initially said were needed to

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