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Guitar, bass, and drums backed with truth of the Catholic Church
How Peter Johnston RVA is changing the Christian rock scene

Peter Johnston enjoys a familiar joke, which probably was best told on “King of the Hill,” the animated television series, when Hank scolds a Christian rock star: “Can’t you see you’re not making Christianity better? You’re just making rock ’n’ roll

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Marin Baroque Society celebrates music of Mission period in Latin America
Uses Indigenous music recorded by 18th century bishop

Baltasar Jaime Martinez Compañón served as Bishop of Trujillo, Peru from 1779 to 1790 at Trujillo Cathedral. During his time in Peru, Bishop Martínez Compañón engaged in research of native customs and local music, architectural ruins and native plants

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Walk for Life Mass to debut music sung by St. Brigid School Choir
Archbishop Cordileone wanted the pro-life Mass to be written for children’s voices

The 2023 Walk for Life West Coast Mass will feature something special:  a newly-composed choral setting of the Mass, written to showcase the clear voices of the St. Brigid School Choir, following in the tradition of Gregorian chant but

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