On Friday, March 13, the Religious Education Congress, hosted by the Los Angeles archdiocese, gave a platform to Arthur Fitzmaurice, resource director for the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry. Fitzmaurice’s positions have been well known to the archdiocese of Los Angeles for years. From his biographical entry on the Religious Education Congress website: “He formerly served as chair for the Los Angeles Archdiocese Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons. Dr. Fitzmaurice has spoken at national and diocesan conferences, including the Faith Formation Conference, the annual Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, and the Gay Christian Network.”

Bondings, the blog of the homosexual activist New Ways Minstry, wrote:

“Arthur Fitzmaurice, resource director of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, spoke last Friday at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, one of the biggest gathering of Catholic ministers in the U.S.  In an address to 800 religious educators, he criticized the magisterium’s damaging theological language and harmful practices with a special appeal to protect LGBT youth. Michael O’Loughlin of Crux reports:

‘The paragraph [in the Catechism] on homosexuality — which describes it as ‘intrinsically disordered’ while also demanding respect for gays and lesbians — is placed in a section of the catechism paragraphs condemning ‘pornography, prostitution, and rape,’ he said.

‘To keep this abusive language in the Catechism and other Church writings is, in itself, gravely evil,’ he said.”

Fitzmaurice complained that same-sex attracted Catholics are “held to different standards than other Catholics.”

Fitzmaurice sought to co-opt children to further his agenda, citing statistics showing higher rates of dysfunction among same-sex attracted youth. He did not include the astronomical rates of sexually transmitted disease among male sodomites.

Seminarians in attendance at the event told sources they “could not believe what they were hearing.”

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