The following email came to CalCatholic on November 15.

Last evening I was “let go” from my position teaching Confirmation to high school students at St. Timothy’s because I am accused of “being too passionate about my faith” and the students are “too impressionable.”

I am a faithful Catholic Catechist that teaches only the truth from Scripture and the CCC.

I believe in helping the students to develop “well formed consciences,” so I speak about the “intrinsic evils” in our current dark culture.  Abortion, euthanasia, cloning, destruction of stem cells for embryonic research, the eroding and re-definition of traditional marriage, and the assault on our religious freedom.   But most of all the disappearance of “God” in our world.  The DRE [director of religious education] says that I’m only to teach Confirmation.

Last Wednesday, the day after the election, I spoke to the students about voting as Catholics first and shared the above non-negotiables with them.  A question came from a student asking “does this mean if you voted for Obama that you are not Catholic?”  I said that voting for a platform that supports intrinsic evil like that means you are not a “faithful Catholic.”

I had a meeting with Father Garbo, pastor of St. Timothy’s Church in San Mateo this morning, he supports the DRE’s viewpoint.  He voted for Obama and doesn’t believe that in doing so you are not a “faithful Catholic.”  I told him he was wrong to vote for intrinsic evil and that the majority of U.S. bishops and our Pope think so too.  He said he didn’t care what the bishops think – which means this priest, like many, are outside the magisterium of the Church – not new news to any of us.

It’s terrible enough that those who are not Catholic would attack us – but to be attacked from within is very depressing.  I believe that God is allowing all of this to happen to me and to the world for a greater good and I trust in Him.  I will fight this and all those who believe like this within the Church and in the public square.

I will be writing a letter to my new archbishop in San Francisco, the USCCB, and our Pope – especially since this priest is going on sabbatical to Rome in January.  I pray for all of our clergy.