The following comes from a February 21 posting on the L.A. Observed website.

Caroline Kennedy was in the LA area last week as part of the Distinguished Speakers Series of Southern California. Speaking to full houses in Redondo Beach, Pasadena and Thousand Oaks, she said she was flattered to be part of the series since “everyone knows I’m the least distinguished speaker in my family.”

“….Schools need the support of the entire community,” said the mother of three. “The schools can’t do it alone. How we raise our children is a moral issue.”

She called for a national commitment to “raise our standards. We must make school relevant to kids’ lives and hold politicians accountable. We must show children that we believe in them and are here to help them succeed. It’s up to us to give kids skills and a sense of hope. We all need to feel that we matter, whether we’re 5, 15 or 50.”

Speaking in Pasadena, on the evening of Ash Wednesday, she wore a faint smudge on her forehead. “These are the most indelible ashes I’ve ever gotten,” she said with a smile. “This is my first time to get ashes in California and I can’t believe you just drive by, hop out, get the ashes and get back in the car.”

When asked about her Catholic faith, she said, “It has given me strength and support, but certainly there are things that are difficult, upsetting and sad about the church today.”
On a lighter note, she said she had spent the afternoon with her cousin Maria Shriver. “We think either of us would make a good Pope.”