Cardinal Robert Sarah’s new book, The Day is Now Far Spent, comes at a time when the Catholic Church is still reeling from scandal, when the faithful are crying out for answers and when societies around the world are trampling on traditional families and marriage. What are faithful Catholics to do when men of God have “humiliated the image of Christ that is present in every child?”

Cardinal Sarah’s last book, The Power of Silence, invited readers to silent prayer and reflection. But  The Day is Now Far Spent was written because, in his words, he can “no longer remain silent” and the “church is experiencing the dark night of the soul.” While the book analyzes the spiritual, moral and political collapse of the Western world, Cardinal Sarah also offers answers on what Catholics can do in the face of such evil: to become saints, to be witnesses to the faith, to practice virtue and to cling to hope.

“This book is an appeal to the modern world to agree to look back at God and to be able finally to weep,” writes Cardinal Sarah.

“To call this book a tour de force would be an understatement. It’s an astonishing work: clear, simple, visionary — and filled with hope,” said Most Rev. Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., archbishop of Philadelphia.

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