A new canon to be inserted in the Code of Canon Law, dedicated to the “grave duty” of the Christian faithful not only “not to harm” but also to “improve” the natural environment. This is the proposal that Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, President Emeritus of the Dicastery for Legislative Texts, intends to make to Pope Francis, as he himself announced during the meeting entitled “Dialogue on Catholic Investments for the Energy Transition”, held in Rome last 12 July 2018. The meeting was an opportunity for discussion – behind closed doors – between representatives of Vatican institutions, foundations and Catholic organizations committed to implementing responsible investments for a just energy transition.

Cardinal Coccopalmerio summarizes his proposal to Vatican Insider as follows: “The Code of Canon Law, at the beginning of Book II, at canons 208-221 under the title “Obligations and rights of all the faithful” presents a list of these obligations and rights, and for this reason outlines an identikit of the faithful and of their life as a Christian. Unfortunately, nothing is said about one of the most serious duties: that of protecting and promoting the natural environment in which the faithful live”.

“My proposal – the Ambrosian cardinal continues – would be to ask the Pope, on the part of the Department for Legislative Texts, to insert into the canons I have just mentioned a new canon that sounds more or less like this: “Every faithful Christian, mindful that creation is the common house, has the grave duty not only not to damage, but also to improve, both through everyday behavior, and through specific initiatives, the natural environment in which each person is called to live”.

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