Thank you for inviting me to speak on the feast of the Sacred Heart and so ensuring that I was in the United States for the feast of the Sacred Heart when the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade judgement and struck such a blow for human life. The forces of truth and judgement haven’t enjoyed such a victory for many decades. While it doesn’t compare with the collapse of the Iron Curtain, the fall of Communism in Europe in 1989, or the lifting of the Islamic siege of Malta in 1565, it’s still a remarkable victory.

It’s due to prayers, the politics, and wisdom of the pro-life forces over nearly 50 years. When you are in the midst of a struggle you are keenly aware of the losses, the scandals, the drifting away for the faith of family and friends, and sometimes you don’t realize how well you are doing comparatively in these difficult times.

In many ways the Catholic Church in the U.S., with all your imperfections, you remain the model of the best example of classical Catholicism confronting modernity. And as an outsider, I congratulate and thank you for your achievements.

The lessons of the Roe v. Wade victory are clear. We must remain in the public square as a regular participant in public discussion and debate, and we must use our democratic rights to defend ourselves and especially to defend religious freedom.

The above comes from a digression made by Australia’s Cardinal George Pell in his homily at the June 30 votive Mass of Blessed Sacrament at the Sacra Liturgia conference held at St. Patrick’s seminary in Menlo Park this week.

The digression lasts from 33:37 to 36:00 on the YouTube video.