Cardinal Gerhard Müller expressed his dismay to LifeSiteNews editor-in-chief John Henry Westen about Pope Francis’ intention to make Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego a cardinal.

In a recent interview, Westen asked Müller if he could comment on the “extremely controversial” elevation of McElroy to the cardinalate, pointing out the fact that McElroy has “taken stances on life, on family … on homosexuality that are at odds with the Church’s teaching[.]”

“Nobody can understand this appointment,” Müller responded.

McElroy has been labeled an “ultra-liberal” with a “horrifying record on homosexuality and abortion” due to this statements and actions in the past.

The German cardinal contrasted the impending appointment of McElroy to the cardinalate with the fact that Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles was not given the red hat, even though Gomez has proven himself to be consistently more conservative and orthodox in his religious positions.

“In Los Angeles,” Müller said, “they have a very good bishop.”

He continued that he believed the elevation of McElroy over Gomez represents a “wrong understanding of the Catholic Church in America.”

Müller lamented that in American Catholic parlance there is an insistence on “factions that are a liberal wing and a conservative wing” of the Church.

Intimating that Pope Francis’ appointment of McElroy was political in nature, he added: “I cannot say I am on the side of Biden, or of Trump and therefore I will change the Catholic faith according to my political options.”

The above come from a June 21 posting on LifeSiteNews.