Müller, the former prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), gave an exclusive interview to Breitbart News in the prelude to U.S. presidential elections, in which he particularly underscored the importance of the abortion issue and China’s aspirations for world dominance.

“The outcome of the U.S. election will determine whether the U.S. remains the leading power in the world — for freedom and democracy — or whether a communist dictatorship will assume that role for the global community,” Cardinal Müller said.

“American Catholics, Christians of other denominations, and all people of faith must render an account to God over whom they make commander of the flagship of the free world,” the cardinal said. “The world is looking to America because this fateful election will determine the future of democracy and human rights for decades to come.”

“The rivalry between the U.S. and Communist China is not a sporting competition for the first or second place of superpowers,” the cardinal insisted. “It is about the irreconcilable alternatives of democracy or dictatorship.”

“China has no diversity of political parties, no free parliament, and no democratically elected and therefore legitimate government,” Müller said, before proceeding to catalog some of the more egregious human rights violations of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“No government has the right to arbitrarily arrest and even torture its citizens, to brainwash them, to hold them in concentration camps, to murder them, to harvest their organs like spare parts and sell them on the world market,” he said, in reference to well-documented CCP practices on Falun Gong practitioners, Uighur Muslims, and others….

“The free world owes the American people the salvation of Western civilization, which has its foundation in the freedom and dignity of every person,” he said, but this legacy is “now being challenged.”

“On the domestic level, what is most at stake in the upcoming election is the lives of the unborn, as well as of the elderly and sick, in the fight against those who would promote abortion and euthanasia,” the cardinal declared.

“Certain issues can be legitimately debated, like the border wall with Mexico,” he said, “but not the lives of unborn children, without being complicit in their murder.”

“In this crucial election, it is vital that voters evaluate the candidates based on their willingness to do the right thing while in office,” he said, “and according to Catholic teaching, not all issues have the same weight.”

The above comes from an Oct. 1 story on Breitbart News.



….As a Catholic and as a bishop [Vigano was former papal nuncio to the U.S.], how do you judge what Trump has done?

I limit myself to observing what Trump has done during his term as President. He has defended the life of the unborn, cutting funding from the abortion multinational, Planned Parenthood, and just in recent days he has issued an executive order that requires immediate care for newborns who are not killed by abortion: up until now they were allowed to die or they were exploited by harvesting their organs and selling them.

Trump is fighting pedophilia and pedosatanism. He has not started any new war and he has drastically reduced the existing ones by obtaining peace agreements. He has restored God’s right of citizenship, after Obama had even gone so far as to cancel Christmas and impose measures that were repugnant to the religious soul of Americans.

And I also observe the media war that has been waged by the press and the centers of power against the President: he has been demonized since 2016, despite the fact that he democratically obtained a majority of votes. It is well understood that the hatred against Trump – which is not dissimilar to what happens in Italy in the face of much softer members of the opposition – finds its real motivation in the awareness of his fundamental role in the battle against the Deep State and all of its internal and external ramifications.

His courageous denunciation of Communism – of which Antifa and BLM are the global versions while the Chinese dictatorship is the incubator – serves in some measure to remedy the silence of the Church, which despite the heartfelt appeals of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima and La Salette has preferred not to renew its condemnation of this infernal ideology.

And if Bishop Sanchez Sorondo can declare with impunity, against all the evidence, that China is the best implementer of the social doctrine of the Church, we can rejoice over the words of the President of the United States and the no less courageous words of his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo….


Did you organize a Rosary for Trump, and, if so, why?

I was urged by many people to launch this initiative, and I did not hesitate to join it, becoming the promoter of this spiritual crusade. This is a war without quarter, in which Satan has been unchained and the gates of hell are trying in every way to prevail over the Church herself. Such a contradiction must be faced above all with prayer, with the invincible weapon of the Holy Rosary….

The above comes from an interview with the Italian daily Il Giornale, via an Oct. 1 story in LifeSiteNews.