…For some people with too much time on our hands, the name Cameron Bertuzzi is not so obscure.

Bertuzzi built a YouTube empire with his channel, on which he defended his Protestant-centric view of Christianity. He did this without appeals to emotion or promising people their bank accounts would swell commensurate with how much money they donated to him. The result was an impressive 150,000 subscribers to his channel.

Bertuzzi was openly engaged in discussions with fellow Christians who may have not shared all of his views — namely Catholics. This was evident when I watched a Catholic version of Bertuzzi’s YouTube channel, where he was a guest, engaging in a lively and intelligent debate with Scott Hahn, Ph.D., on the primacy of the papacy. Those familiar with Angelus magazine will know Hahn’s position, yet it was refreshing to see two adults have a disagreement on a very big issue, while always maintaining a sense that, though separated by some issues, they were still brothers in Christ. No invectives were spewed, and no table was pounded — what kind of “reality” TV is that?

By the end of the segment the two men agreed to disagree about the papacy, but there was more to the story. Apparently, Bertuzzi took the words of G.K. Chesterton to heart and realized that there are innumerable angles from which an object will tumble, but only one point from which it will balance.

Bertuzzi obviously thought and prayed a lot more about his exchange with Hahn, and came to believe there was that one point whereby everything balanced. That point was to be found in Rome.

The next time I saw Bertuzzi, he was on the same Catholic channel with the same host. But this time, they were out on a balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and the topic was no longer Bertuzzi’s doubts about the papacy, but his belief that the fullness of the truth that is Christianity resides in the Catholic Church….
The above comes from a Dec. 5 posting on Angelus News.