On December 7, 2022 Justice Vince Chhabria, US District Judge in California approved a motion to dismiss a court case by Dr. Lonny Shavelson (supported by the assisted suicide lobby group Compassion and Choices) to extend the California assisted suicide law (end-of-life options act) to include euthanasia. The case is called Shavelson v Bonta.

Euthanasia is an act of injecting a lethal drug cocktail to cause death. Assisted suicide is an act of prescribing the same lethal drug cocktail but the person self-administers.

Shavelson’s attempt to get the court to extend California’s assisted suicide law to include euthanasia was rejected on June 22, 2022. The current decision was a response to Shavelson’s attempt to amend the case.

Justice Chhabria approved the motion to dismiss the case and stated that any further amendment to the case would be futile. Chhabria wrote:

It seems unlikely that that the plaintiffs could adequately allege (and ultimately demonstrate) standing under this alternative reading of the requested accommodation if given another attempt. But even if they did, the Court would dismiss the lawsuit on the merits. Setting aside the assistance prohibition would cross the sharp line drawn by the California Legislature between assisted suicide and euthanasia, and thus would fundamentally alter the nature of the program for the same basic reasons discussed in the prior ruling. Shavelson, 2022 WL 2234973. And that dismissal would be with prejudice, given the number of chances the plaintiffs have now had to state a claim.

The dismissal for lack of jurisdiction is therefore without leave to amend—it is clear by now that further amendment would be futile….

The above comes from a Dec. 9 posting on LifeNews.com.