California Catholic Daily exclusive by Anna Rose:

The early October Wikileaks “Catholic drop” wasn’t a huge surprise to faithful Catholics. It was the proverbial kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Catholics concerned about the faith already knew certain players were trying to subvert the Church from within, so the Wikileaks Catholic/Podesta connection was just validation of what liberals had labeled as mere conspiracy theories. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was confirmed to be a Democratic shill formed to bring about a “Catholic Spring” or an overthrowing of the Church in America by Democratic operatives.

In the midst of the John Podesta scheme is a name that will be interesting to many Californians, Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice. Fitzmaurice is on staff with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Many readers may also remember that Dr. Fitzmaurice has been a repeat presenter at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

In addition, Dr. Fitzmaurice served as the former chair for the Los Angeles Archdiocese Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons. He has been presented the archdiocese’s Lumen Christi and Cardinal’s Young Adult in Ministry Award. He is also the Resource Director of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, and now is listed as a senior fellow for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

His extensive ties to dioceses in California has been a concern to many. Joseph Sciambra, ex-gay porn actor turned Catholic activist, explains how Fitzmaurice has attacked the Church’s teachings on a regular basis:

Arthur Fitzmaurice has said that ‘God made me to be this gay person’ and that ‘abusive language in in the Catechism and other Church writings is…gravely evil.’ The way that Fitzmaurice has chosen to address his same-sex attraction is to believe that God simply made him ‘gay.’ But, then, did God also make him ‘disordered?’ For the Catechism also states that the inclination…’is objectively disordered.’ Therefore, Fitzmaurice, and those who are like-minded, must also attack the teachings of the Church with regards to homosexuality. Apparently, Fitzmaurice has fooled himself, and now he is trying to fool others.

Sciambra has written more about Fitzmaurice here.

While it was always known that Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was a liberal organization, the public confirmation of its mission to undermine the Catholic Church leaves the faithful wondering if the organization and those working in concert with them will be allowed to continue to operate in the dioceses of America. More specifically, California Catholics want to know if Fitzmaurice will be allowed continue to be involved with the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, or if Archbishop José Gomez will bar him and those working with him from presenting in the future.

Fitzmaurice is already slated to speak at the 2017 Congress.

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