California’s Twin Rivers Unified School District paid nearly $10,000 for “LGBTQ Presentations.”

The district, located in McClellan, California, paid $9,591 for the presentations, according to a list of contracts. The list of contracts notes the money was paid to the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN). 

The contract list gives the start date as February 8 with the end date just two days later on February 10th.

GLSEN is one of the primary drivers of gender ideology and queer theory in the education system. One of the organization’s most notable projects is the “rainbow library,” a program that sends pro-trans books to elementary and kindergarten classrooms. 

GLSEN has referred to the rainbow library as their “first step for getting in front of kids” and a “stepping stone for inclusive curriculum at the district or state level.” Some of the books, such as “I am Jazz,” endorse transgender identification among young children. Breitbart News revealed that the program has received financial support from General Motors.

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