The California Department of Education is investigating the Chino Valley Unified School District over a tablecloth display, they informed District Superintendent Norm Enfield in a Thursday letter. The letter gave Chino Valley until after the Christmas break to submit extensive documentation regarding its flag policy. But the new investigation only serves to extend a coordinated targeting campaign, Chino Valley School Board President Sonja Shaw told The Washington Stand. “When our staff needs to be focusing on our children, they tie them up looking through emails,” she complained.

The state’s latest investigation originated from an October 20 complaint filed by the daughter of a Chino Valley teacher. According to the complaint, on September 6 her mother “was asked to remove her tablecloth” because “it is a display that goes against the Board’s current policies.”

The tablecloth reads, “hate has no home here” in the colors of the Pride flag. Underneath, cartoonish human hands hold five, heart-shaped emblems. The leftmost is obscured, but the others are the slogan “Black Lives Matter,” the American flag, a peace symbol, and the Pride flag (from left to right). “The table cloth is a representation of diversity, freedom, and acceptance of our country,” the teacher’s daughter explained.

On June 15, 2023, the Chino Valley School Board amended its ceremony regulations to forbid the display of any flag “other than the United States of American and state of California … unless it is a country, state, or United States military flag used for educational purposes within adopted curriculum.” Any other exceptions “must be approved by the superintendent or designee prior to displaying if and only if it is used for purposes of education and only during the related instructional period.” It defined “flag” as “a display of distinct color and design used as a symbol, standard, signal, or emblem.”

The teacher’s tablecloth appears to be identical with the “3 ft x 5 ft Hate Has No Home Here Flag,” available for $7.95 from Walmart, and produced by Anley Flags, a company located roughly 20 minutes from Chino Valley in West Covina. From the full picture, the obscured emblem can be identified as a trans flag with the bottom two stripes mistakenly reversed….

From the Washington Stand