California ProLife Democrats today repudiated the recent proclamations by DNC chair Tom Perez, who declared last week that only those who unreservedly embrace unlimited abortion-on-demand would be approved by Party leadership.

“The oppressive tenor of the state and national Democrat Party Leadership is now inescapably clear,” said Alice Fahey of California ProLife Democrats. “This is a controlling, Borg-like, unthinking, mob mentality.  They demand our obedience for the sake of their power. They have enjoyed attacking and undercutting dissenters like Bernie Sanders, or pro-life, blue collar, salt of the earth workers, like us, who make up nearly 30% of the Democrat base.” Said Fahey,  “If they don’t want us, they don’t need us.”

Louis Shapiro, a pro-life political activist who has long remained in the Democrat party was even more vociferous. “This is giving clear instructions to faithful Catholics and evangelicals, as well as conservative Jews that we are no longer welcome if we carry any moral convictions on the sanctity of human life.”

“So they don’t want us around. Well fine. We believe the right to life of the vulnerable is more important than the ‘right to power’ that a corrupt party offers people like Mrs. Clinton or whomsoever the party bosses try to anoint,” said Shapiro. “As far as we can see, you party bosses have ‘lost your anointing.’ If this is growing the base, it’s a strange way to do it.”

Both Shapiro and Fahey said they will work now only for pro-life candidates and do so without regard for party they represent.

 “Abortion on demand, at anytime, for any reason or for no reason in particular – just for ‘Choice,’ is reprehensible to us,” said Fahey. “If the Democrat Party machinery insists we simply obey, then they need to understand: you are right, we are not part of a machine.”

From California Prolife Council.