The California ProLife Council (CPLC), California’s arm of National Right to Life, has provided voter guides for 13 California regions for the 2012 Presidential elections with the intention:

“We must tell people who the true prolife candidates are!” 

All 13 CPLC regional guides feature information about the importance of Proposition 32 in stopping massive and coercive funding of pro-abortion candidates and pro-abortion ballot proposition campaigns by pay roll deductions from pro-life union employees, particularly teachers and nurses.

The prolife group has provided both church and political versions along with the option of color or black & white for each of the 13 regional guides.

Each of the pro-life voter guides are laid-out on one side of standard 8.5 X 11 inch letter paper to make them easy to download (in pdf format) and to copy and reprint for wide distribution at churches and other venues in 13 regions of California.

The one-page guides can be distributed electronically to e-mail lists and by hand, fax, and mail.

The pro-life voter guides give information on candidates for President, US Senate, US House of Representatives, State Senate, State Assembly, and for some local offices like school boards.


The voter guides give the candidates’ positions, determined from signed questionnaires, previous voting records, or confirmed public statements on three issues:


1) Does the office seeker support the legal protection for unborn children?


2) Does the office seeker support requiring parental consent before an abortion can be

performed on a minor child?


3) Does the office seeker oppose efforts promoting a state policy of euthanasia such as

‘physician assisted suicide’?


The candidates’ positions on the three issues are presented as:


[Y=Yes], [N=No], [?=Unclear Position], and [No Resp=No Response].


On the political versions of the voter guides, the names of candidates who have been endorsed by CPLC are shown in Bold Italics.


The political versions of the guides for all 13 regions state clearly:


“Bans unions from forcing employ­ees to pay union dues that sup­port pro-abortion candidates and causes!  Funding abortion extrem­ists should not be a condition of employment.”

The church versions of the CPLC guides provide the following information:

 “Prop 32 Facts”

 “Bans corporate and union contributions to state and lo­cal candidates. Bans auto­matic deductions by corpora­tions, unions, and government wages to be used for politics. Reports filed at the Secretary of State’s Office show unions spend millions of dollars each election year on pro-abortion candidates. Several unions like the California Teachers Association and California Nurses Association have spent money directly to defeat Pa­rental involvement initiatives.”

Coerced pay-roll deductions used for massive funding of pro-abortion candidates and to defeat pro-life initiatives like the Parental Notification Propositions 73, 85, and 4, and to promote culture of death initiatives like the stem-cell Proposition 71 not only make California a pro-abortion haven but violate the consciences of Catholic and other pro-life employees.

This situation is especially reprehensible because Catholic Hospitals have entered into agreements with the pro-abortion California Nurses Association to fire any Catholic or other pro-life nurse who will not agree to pay union dues or “fees” which the nurses’ union bosses use for pro-abortion political activities and campaigns.

California Nurses Association dues or “fees” now exceed $1,200 per year for nurses who work more than half-time, and provide the nurses’ union with an annual income of more than $60 million dollars.

The California ProLife Council voter guides are available for these 13 regions:
Central Coast, Central Valley, East Bay, North Coast, Orange County, Sacramento / Sierra, San Francisco Bay, San Gabriel Valley, San Jose / Santa Cruz,  San Diego, Inland Empire,  San Fernando Valley / Ventura, and Long Beach / Los Angeles.  There is an additional voter guide for San Joaquin County.

To access these pro-life voter guides, click here.