The following comes from a Feb. 21 post on One Mad Mom.

Can we just look at the program for this increasingly obvious waste of time in Rome this week? 

The Protection of Minors in the Church


9.30 1st PRESENTATION by Sig. Card. Luis Antonio Tagle: Smell of the sheep. Knowing their pain and healing their wounds is at the heart of the shepherd’s task.

Thirty minutes of a talk we’ve heard before ad nauseum.  Stop trying to smell like sheep and maybe listen to them for a change. And I don’t mean your handpicked ones.

10.15 2nd PRESENTATION S.E. Mons. Charles Jude Scicluna: Church as field hospital. Taking responsibility

Thirty minutes of another talk we’ve heard before.  I am intrigued by “taking responsibility” and cannot wait to hear who they are referring to here.  I’m afraid of what I might hear, though, because I think I’ve heard multiple times this week the laity is supposed to apologize for clericalism. 

11.20 Working Groups

Seventy minutes of working groups.

12.30 Conclusion

Followed by a three and a half hour break!  It’s probably needed to help them get over the confusion of why they’re there in the first place.

16.00 3rd PRESENTATION Sig. Card. Rubén Salazar Gómez: The Church in a moment of crisis – Facing conflicts and tensions and acting decisively

Umm, I’m sure this isn’t THE biggest crisis the Church has faced, but “a moment of crisis?”  We’ve been talking about this for seventeen years by my count.  When is somebody going to to the “acting decisively” thing already?!  I mean, we can’t even agree on what’s caused this, but that’s DEFINITELY not on the agenda for this meeting.



Try to control your laughter.

9.15 1st PRESENTATION Sig. Card. Oswald Gracias: Collegiality: sent together

Thirty minutes because nobody’s ever heard a thing about collegiality.  Oh, wait…

10.00 2nd PRESENTATION Sig. Card. Blase Joseph Cupich: Synodality: jointly responsible

Thirty minutes on synodality, which now apparently means everyone is responsible for the mess some have created.

 16.00 3rd PRESENTATION Dott.ssa Linda Ghisoni: Communio: to work together

Thirty minutes to wonder what in the hell the last seventeen years was about.

17.05 Working Groups

Another fifty-five minutes to figure out how to explain this to their flock followed by presentation of it.


It’s going to take me awhile to stop laughing at this title. Seriously, the Vatican has failed so miserably in this area and they’re now going to lead the charge? Okay. One word: Vigano.

9.15 1st PRESENTATION Sup. Gen. Sr. Veronica Openibo, SHCJ: Openess: sent out into the world

Thirty minutes on heaven-knows-what, but I can tell there might be problems when you don’t even know how to spell it.  And, yes, I’m going there because how much money are we spending on the messaging? Homeschool moms say spelling counts!

16.00 3rd PRESENTATION Dott.ssa Valentina Alazraki: Communication: to all people

I hope it goes something like “Actions speak louder than words,” but I’m reasonably sure this isn’t going to be the message.  Talk is cheap and “communication” is even cheaper. It’ll probably have something to do with lists of accused which, apparently, they think is going to make us all feel better about the situation.

17.30 Penitential liturgy (Sala Regia)

Can you say photo-op?