In defiance of federal law, California currently requires all private health insurance plans to include coverage for abortion. Last December, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said it would withhold $200 million from California unless the state changed course.

Unconcerned about the threat, State Senator Lena Gonzales (D-Los Angeles) wants to push the state’s noncompliance further with the introduction of SB-245, a bill to force all private insurance policies to pay for abortions free of charge, no co-pays, no deductibles.

“Everyone should have the right to make their own decision about when, if and how to start a family,” Gonzales explains.

“It is heartbreaking to imagine the devastating stress and crushing uncertainty that individuals have to go through, as they rush to save funds in hopes of getting the care they need. If our state is to be a true leader and defender of reproductive freedom, then we must ensure care for those who need it most….”

Wynette Sills, Director of Californians for Life, believes SB 245 will inevitably increase the number of abortions in a state she says already kills more than 130,000 babies every year through all nine months of pregnancy.

“When abortions are made free, even more abortions will likely occur,” Sills said.

“California taxpayers are already forced to pay for Medi-Cal funded abortions and SB 245 is just another way Democrats will promote even more harm to both mother and child. SB 245 is not a “pro-choice” bill, but is strictly a pro-abortion effort as it only promotes violently ending a child’s life through abortion, instead of addressing the often significant insurance co-pay and deductible costs of a pregnant woman’s pre-natal care and delivery.”

The above comes from a Feb. 9 story on Press California written by Greg Burt of the California Family Council.