The California bishops have decided to give a doctor who supports “Medical Aid in Dying” a platform to be the Church’s voice regarding Covid vaccines. Of all faithful Catholic doctors, this is the doctor who someone decided should be informing the faithful…

Dr. Charles Binkley, M.D., although pro-euthanasia, serves as Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Ethics director of bioethics. He participated in this webinar which was meant to inform parish leaders.

His CV is light on actual academic works on ethics, Catholic social teaching, or immunology. His “applied” ethics achievements were gained while he served on California Medical Association’s ethics board, importantly when the group withdrew their opposition to “medical aid in dying” in 2015. Dr. Binkley’s consulting firm ProNobis, promotes “medical aid in dying” as part of “End of Life Care.”

A simple review of his page on the Markkula website reveals that the doctor has some out of the mainstream views regarding vaccines. The doctor criticizes bishops opposing the Johnson & Johnson vaccines. And moralizes that churches should mandate vaccines before allowing people to worship inside.

I have received no response from Ms. Kathleen Domingo (incoming director of the California Catholic Conference), Maria Jose Fernandez Flores (legislative advocate for CCC), or Mr. Ned Doljesi (temporary director of CCC), nor do I expect to.

The above was emailed to California Catholic Daily by a reader on April 15. The links included by the reader seemed to validate the concerns in the email.