With the DACA decision earlier in the month, California leaders are making an effort to deal with the immigration situation in constructive and helpful ways.  The need for comprehensive immigration reform from national political leaders remains critical yet partisanship continues to stymie real debate.

The following statement was released by Edward “Ned” Dolejsi, Executive Director of the California Catholic Conference, regarding increased funding announced this week in support of DACA students and naturalization programs and other immigrant needs:

“While national politicians make political points at the expense of immigrants, the California Catholic Conference wishes to thank Governor Jerry Brown and our legislative leaders for supporting DACA students, naturalization services and other programs.

“The package they are assembling this week will provide education funding and naturalization services through the One California coalition.  Many local Catholic Charities around the state are proud and eager participants in the coalition and leading suppliers of immigration services for thousands of people in California.

“The Catholic church will continue to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform at the national level and, while the political process plays out, work hard to provide comprehensive, professional immigration assistance to all who need it.” 

From CA Catholic.