The following is an excerpt from the California Catholic Conference of Bishops:

During the three days of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, many of our readers stopped by the booth to talk about the Catholic Legislative Network.  Many more joined us online for a series of Facebook Live broadcasts on Saturday.

Kicking off the sessions, which you can now view on our YouTube Channel, was an interview with California Catholic Conference executive director Ned Dolejsi.  Subscribers submitted questions, such as how a faithful person can talk about abortion in an increasingly secularized, anti-religion environment.

Another rather interesting question was the perception that the California Catholic Conference supports only “progressive Democratic” proposals.   Mr. Dolejsi delved into the difference between ideological positioning, which is the nature of politics, compared to the theological perspective of a faith community.

[CalCatholic editor’s note] The question is asked at minute 4:50 in video below; some of the audio is difficult to understand. Dolejsi argued that the question stemmed from an ideological perspective instead a theological perspective, and said the bishops’ work is not rooted in “ideology.” Instead, “we live our faith in the reality…of California”.