Bishop Gerald Barnes, San Bernardino diocese: “There is a terrible feeling of despair in the aftermath of this deadly violence and we ask our God to carry in His boundless mercy those who have been directly affected and are now trying to cope with such painful loss. For the rest of us, we are left with familiar questions and worries. Why? Are we safe? What is happening to our society? We must continue to pray and reflect on these and other questions that horrific incidents like this raise in our minds. Our response to this, as Christians, is to follow the lead of Our Lord Jesus Christ who met violence and hatred with love and forgiveness.” Full statement here.

Bishop Robert McElroy, San Diego diocese: “The entire Catholic community of San Diego and Imperial Counties joins in deep prayer and solidarity with the victims of the shootings in Las Vegas and their families. This is another moment in our nation when we are stunned and silenced by the suffering that hate and violence can produce in our world.” Full statement here.
Bishop Armando Ochoa, Fresno diocese: “It is beyond our comprehension how one man could commit such a heinous crime, an act of evil. As believers trusting in God’s Divine Providence to keep us safe and guide us along the right path, some may find their faith shaken by this and similar acts of evil and ask once again, “Why does God let bad things happened to good people?” The answer: “freewill.” God gives us freewill to choose love over hate.  When love is the choice, life is protected. When hate is chosen, life is destroyed.  Therefore, let us choose to love.” Full statement here.
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, San Francisco archdiocese: “The people of the Archdiocese of San Francisco stand in solidarity with the people of Las Vegas, in shock and horror at the killing and wounding of so many innocent persons on Sunday night. Our prayers are for the repose of the souls of the dead, for the recovery and restoration to health of the wounded, and for the comfort of the thousands of people who know and love the hundreds of victims of this violence.” Full statement here.