Covid-19 has contributed to the permanent closure of over 160 Catholic schools across 23 states. Additionally, internal surveys show ten percent of Catholic schools are still uncertain of their future. That means as many as 500 or more additional Catholic schools could be in jeopardy of closing in the wake of the pandemic.

A bipartisan group of Senators and House members have revived the Covid relief talks and we need your help to ensure Catholic schools are included in this new legislation.

We are asking Congress to incorporate the School Choice Now Act, which authorizes funding for state-based scholarship granting organizations, a federal tax credit for donations , and appropriate funds based on the number of children enrolled in nonpublic schools (10 % nationwide). Further, we ask Congress to provide access to equitable services that include non-public schools in any emergency K12 education funding.

Catholic schools urgently need help in this time of uncertainty.  Please contact your senators and representatives today!

The above comes from a Dec. 8 email from the California bishops’ Catholic Legislative Network.