The following comes from a May 29 story on the LiveActionNews site.

The state of California, who often leads the nation in laws and legislation, has taken a step backwards, as the California State Assembly passed an act to amend the current health and safety code in state medical facilities in a manner that would allow Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics to have fewer requirements, allowing them to perform their life-taking surgeries in non-surgical facilities. Assembly Bill 980 passed Friday and now moves to the Senate for debate.

Assembly Bill 980 amends current California building codes by allowing surgical abortion centers to be exempted from facility standards that all other surgical medical centers must comply with. In part, the bill says:

(c) Notwithstanding any other law, the Building Standards Commission shall not adopt building code standards that establish construction requirements for primary care clinics that provide medication or aspiration abortion services that differ from construction standards applicable to other primary care clinics described in Section 1226.6 of the 2013 Triennial Edition of the Building Standards Code. (You can read the code here.)

Primary care clinics may include a place where you get a flu swab or strep test, and don’t generally include things as severe and risky as abortion. This legislation flies in the face of the direction of the nation, which has seen multiple laws actually enacting requirements for abortion facilities to be properly inspected and equipped to meet medical standards.

While many states have been tightening abortion restrictions to ensure that the Gosnells of the land are stopped in their tracks, the California Assembly has sent a message to abortion providers that the state’s legislators want to help abortionists do business and will aid in removing barriers to doing this – even when logical health and safety issues are presented. This special loophole just for abortion providers shows once again the symbiotic relationship between the abortion industry and its predominately Democrat pro-abortion political allies.

The California ProLife Council is currently trying to inform residents of this potential law’s passage and is asking all Californians to contact their legislators. To register your objection to this law, you may contact your legislator. This link will help you find the appropriate lawmaker.

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