The following comes from a Dec. 24 story on by Dave Andrusko, the editor of the National Right to Life News. The commentary covered the recently passed AB 154 and AB 980 expanding abortion in California.

The 12%-29% statistic was what caught the editor’s eye at LifeNews, and gives us the opportunity to publish links to the California Catholic series on the California bishops role in helping the abortion agenda and the Weisberg incident where over 16,000 bodies of unborn babies were found in a shipping container in the San Fernando Valley. Both were published on Cal Catholic in the last 12 months.

From the LifeNews story:

When the state of California, which can never run out of new ways to increase the number of abortions, enacts two new laws, it’s democracy in action. To the pro-abortionist the rationale for AB 154 –that there is not enough “access” to abortion—is perfect because it is limitless. There is NEVER enough access to abortion.

Forget as well that while California makes up 12% of the nation’s population, 29% of all abortions already take place here! And never mind that AB 154 allows an ever-expanding range of non-physicians to perform aspiration abortions, a certain kind of first-trimester abortion, increasing the danger to women. Advocates have already conjured up one of their on-demand “studies” said to “prove” that performing abortions is as easy as falling off a log. But that doesn’t change the grim truth

To read the entire LifeNews story, click here.