State Superintendent of Schools Tony Thurmond was told to leave a school district meeting in Southern California after expressing his opposition to a policy that requires administrators to inform parents if their child identifies as transgender.

Thurmond was escorted out of the meeting held by the Chino Valley Unified School District when he exceeded his allotted one-minute speaking time by a second or two.

He used his time to voice concerns about the policy, stating that it would violate the privacy rights of students.

Despite Thurmond’s objections, the Chino School Board ultimately voted to approve the policy, which mandates schools to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender, seeks a name or pronoun change, or requests access to gender-based facilities that do not correspond with their assigned gender at birth….

“They should find a more balanced way to show their respect for private rights that doesn’t trample on the safety and the rights of our students,” Thurmond said.

Afterward, Thurmond took to Twitter to describe how he felt “verbally attacked” by the school board president, who told police to remove him.

“I don’t mind being thrown out of a board meeting by extremists,” he wrote. “I can take the heat — it’s part of the job. What I can’t accept is the mistreatment of vulnerable students whose privacy is being taken away.”

School Board President Sonja Shaw said she kicked him about because he spoke more than the allotted time. During the meeting, she repeatedly told Thurmond to “sit down!” and it wasn’t his meeting.

Shaw added: “We think he is a danger to our students. He continues to push things that pervert children, and he continues to push out parents and bring in policies that create division between families.”

The crowd chanted. Police came up to this podium. Thurmond exited to both boos and claps. He described being “forcibly removed” from the public meeting.

Others, like Jonathan Zachreson, who is running for a school board seat in Roseville, Calif., also noted that Thurmond wasn’t kicked out; he was asked to leave….

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