A group of Democratic California lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled a proposal that would prohibit schools from implementing transgender notification policies.

The announcement comes as more than a dozen school districts across the state consider policies that would require teachers to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender.

Assemblyman Chris Ward, D-San Diego, said he plans to gut and amend AB 1955 to ban the policies. He said the measure specifically prohibits any school employee or contractor from being required to disclose any information related to a student’s identity, orientation or gender expression without consent.

The measure would also protect teachers from any retaliation on the basis that the employee supported a student who is transgender, according to Ward. He also said the measure would also provide support and resources for families to support those working towards acceptance on their own terms.

The proposal comes nine months after California Attorney General Rob Bonta sued a school district after it enacted a transgender notification policy.

“We didn’t want to force the question last August because of his leadership and wanting to side with us and try to tackle this in potentially a more expeditious way,” Ward said. “As we’re seeing from some of those court conversations, it’s clear that we do need statutory guidance about what should or should not be done at the local level.”