The following comes from a July 15 story on the Christian Post.

A California trial court has backed a private Southern Baptist school in Riverside over its right to expel a transgender student, who is accused of committing fraud by applying for admission as a female. The court has also, however, awarded $4,000 in damages to the plaintiff for being excluded from the school’s ancillary programs that are open to the public, such as the library and restaurants.

MSNBC reported on Monday that the student in question is 27-year-old Domaine Javier, who was born as a biological male but has identified as female since childhood. California Baptist University expelled Javier for fraud violations in 2011, after Javier appeared in an episode of MTV’s “A True Life” and admitted to being born a male.

Javier’s attorneys argued that CBU had violated California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on various categories, including sex and sexual orientation.

As Superior Court Judge Gloria Connor Trask explained in the ruling, when it comes to on-campus educational activities, CBU is not a “business establishment,” and therefore has not violated the Act.

However, when it comes to CBU’s off-campus business operations such as restaurants, theater, and libraries, those qualify as “business establishments” which are subject to the provisions of the Act….

Javier, who is now studying nursing at Riverside City College, was also awarded the attorney fees, alongside the damages.

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