Noting “Counseling and Psychological Services staff will be present,” California State University, Long Beach Dean of Students Piya Bose invited faculty and students to take part in a “debriefing” of last week’s verdict that found teenager Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges after shooting three protesters during rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

The event took place Monday afternoon online.

“When there are higher-profile events and issues in the public discourse, it is not uncommon for our university to provide spaces for our campus community to discuss those topics,” said school spokesman Jim Milbury in an email to The College Fix. Milbury said the forum is “unstructured,” and set to be hosted by team members from the school’s Student Affairs Division.

The Kenosha jury found that Rittenhouse, then 17-years-old, was acting in self-defense when he shot three white protesters, killing two of them. The protests were the result of the shooting of Kenosha man Jacob Blake, who police had fired upon after they believed he was reaching into his car for a knife.

At Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts, administrators scheduled “virtual and in-person physical” spaces for students who needed to process the Rittenhouse verdict. The spaces are segregated by the students’ color, with white and students of color being asked to attend separate “processing spaces.”

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