A pro-life group at Cal State Dominguez Hills will be allowed to partake in a social justice fair after all, a decision that comes in the wake of media and legal attention on the matter, club members told The College Fix on Monday.

Citing a “miscommunication,” student fair organizers at the public university informed the Students for Life club that they could be in the fair after The College Fix questioned administrators about the decision and the Alliance Defending Freedom was alerted to the situation.

“Due to a miscommunication in the application and an unclear description of our selection process, we will not be denying any groups that applied to the 9th annual Labor, Social & Environmental Justice fair by the listed deadline date. Thank you for your patience,” states an email to pro-life club organizers, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix.

A previous email to the group, sent April 14, sang a different tune, saying the “application was denied based on the reasoning that your organization does not fit within the framework of this particular event.”

Brent Stenhouse, an advisor to the pro-life club, said Monday he is gratified by the decision.

“Well, we’re certainly grateful that the Labor Studies Dept. and the Labor & Social Justice Club at CSUDH changed its tune, but I suspect they realized this was a losing cause: public agencies cannot commit ‘viewpoint discrimination,’ it’s a Constitutional violation,” he told The Fix via email. “Now we’ll see if we are permitted to speak freely without threat of vandalism or violence from others, this considering how freedom of speech and assembly is being threatened on campuses all across America.”

A campus spokesperson told The College Fix on Monday that “the group was always allowed to participate according to university policy.”

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