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Our Catholic, non-profit organization has an immediate need for a bookkeeper to take charge of financial data across several related entities. Additionally, this position would take responsibility of some office management tasks.

Send applications or inquiries to: [email protected]

Attention to detail and great organizational skills are needed to perform tasks that include data entry (QuickBooks Online), management of accounting records, reconciliations, payables, receivables, document filing/archiving, etc. Previous experience with non-profit accounting, knowledge of Google docs, familiarity with Asana, and an ability to problem-solve moves you to the front of the line!

This position requires working on-site in Silverado (East Orange County) with flexible hours.

About the Employer

We provide the opportunity for guests attending retreats, conferences, and events as well as employees, volunteers, and benefactors to fulfill their highest calling and greatest happiness in life, which is to get close to God, and in turn, reach out to others in their own environments with God's loving care and concern.

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we aspire to renew parish life and family life through retreats, marriage encounters, summer and science camps, events, and a missionary discipleship program.

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