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Campus Engagement S.F. Bay Area Coordinator
US-China Catholic Association
Berkeley, CA
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Campus Engagement S.F. Bay Area Coordinator



About the US-China Catholic Association (USCCA) and the Campus Engagement Initiative

The US-China Catholic Association (USCCA) is a small nonprofit that maintains fraternal ties between the Catholic communities in China and the U.S. It hosts conferences, study tours in China, speaking events, educational programs, a newsletter, a website, member services, and mission appeals in parishes across the country.

In 2020 the USCCA launched its Campus Engagement Initiative (CEI) to support personnel on U.S. secondary and higher educational campuses that serve Chinese international students. It has three goals: 1) deepening student engagement with the Catholic liberal arts curriculum, especially in the area of religious studies; 2) providing greater access to and appreciation of the Christian worldview from a cross-cultural perspective; and 3) creating opportunities for exchange and friendship.

Position description & responsibilities

The USCCA seeks a full-time Bay Area Coordinator to establish programming that meets the goals of its Campus Engagement Initiative.
As Bay Area Coordinator, the candidate would work both with the overall Program Coordinator and with local groups, including high school groups, university groups, Chinese international students, the local Chinese Catholic community, and similar constituencies.

More information about the Campus Engagement Initiative and the programming envisioned can be found here:

This position requires a candidate who has pastoral experience working with youth, experience working in a Chinese language and cultural setting, experience organizing programming and/or co-curricular activity on educational campuses, and experience collaborating with others in a team setting.
• Full-time: 40 hours per week, plus overtime as arranged.
• Position begins: June 2021, or as arranged by the parties.
• Location: The USCCA offices are in Berkeley, California.
• Remote work: Many tasks can be accomplished online or remotely.
• Flexible hours: Insofar as a proportion of the work can be done remotely, hours are flexible.

Qualifications sought
interest in and appreciation of the mission of the USCCA.
master's degree in pastoral or young adult ministry, OR EQUIVALENT EXPERIENCE.
experience working with young adults in educational settings.
cross-cultural background and/or experience, including familiarity with Chinese language and culture
general proficiency with computers, telecommunications apps such as Zoom, standard office applications as MS Word, MS Excel, and either Gmail or MS Outlook.

Typical duties include
working collaboratively with members of the USCCA team to serve the program goals and the organization's mission
working with university and high school personnel to create and implement programs for Chinese international students
facilitating networking among universities groups, high schools, parish groups, and relevant community-based organizations
participating in programming and events at high schools, on university campuses, at parishes, or in similar settings
planning and hosting relevant workshops throughout the year for various target audiences
convening local consultations for the discussion of shared challenges and the sharing of best practices
locating, creating, and making available resources as needed

Key attractions
• This position affords the opportunity to work with a highly motivated and talented team. Mutual consideration and respect are a must.
• USCCA team members devote their time and talent to serving the Church and bridging understanding between people of different cultures.
• USCCA team members have the opportunity to attend internal briefings, join sponsored talks and events, participate in sponsored book circles, and attend USCCA and other conferences.
• USCCA team members work with partners around the country and around the world.

Pay Scale
• $18-24 per hour, OR HIGHER, depending on experience and qualifications.
• Possibility of paid apartment located in Berkeley, CA
• Medical insurance
• Flexible schedule
• Paid time off, two weeks per year, accumulated on a prorated basis

Cecilia Flores
Campus Engagement Senior Advisor,
[email protected]
- or -
Fr. Michael Agliardo
USCCA Director
[email protected]
(773) 669-4888

To apply:
Submit a letter of intent, your c.v., and two letters of reference.

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