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The Communications Marketing Manager works with the Department of Catholic Schools
(DCS) in effectively researching, writing, editing and producing content and promoting the
mission of the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of San José across multiple communications
platforms, including print, email, social media, and website to meet visibility and enrollment
• Serve as communication staff contact for the Department of Catholic Schools regarding
their communications and marketing efforts.
• Supports superintendent, principal, and pastor communication to schools, parents, and the
broader community to ensure consistency of message and voice as well as quality and
efficiency of delivery.
• Coordinates with school faculty and staff to develop the content (stories, photos, videos)
to tell the story of Catholic schools in the Diocese.
• Develop content ideas and write/edit copy for the Department of Catholic Schools
external and internal pages to ensure consistent messaging.
• Helps to develop a compelling and unified Diocese of San Jose Catholic school brand and
“story” and assists in the development of marketing materials for the promotion of the
Diocesan schools.
• Research, interview, write, edit and post articles and success stories about Catholic
schools on website weekly. Repurpose content for use on other communications
• Create engaging schools-related content for Diocesan social media platforms weekly to
keep our community apprised of schools’ events and activities to build awareness and
• Develop an editorial calendar for DCS in coordination with the Diocesan Editorial
• Build relationships with school principals, faculty and staff to cultivate story ideas and
develop content.
• Identify schools’ news, events, and resources for posting on the website, TVC, and
Diocesan social media.
• Write and draft letters on behalf of the Superintendent for communication with school

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